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Parry Sound & Almaguin Highlands

Regional Map + Listings
Parry Sound & Almaguin Highlands

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From excellent trails and mountain biking to fantastic road riding, cyclists in the Parry Sound District will enjoy the spectacularly scenic landscapes through lush boreal forests with frequent glimpses of picturesque lakes, meandering rivers, the rocky Canadian Shield and the UNESCO designated Georgian Bay Biosphere Reserve. Road riding in the Parry Sound District offers quieter roads criss-crossing through the rural landscape with opportunities to stop at quaint general stores, interesting cultural heritage sites, and welcoming communities along the way.

Cyclists can also explore the trails that wind their way along the rugged shores of Georgian Bay and the town of Parry Sound, with views out to the Bay and nearby 30,000 islands. With an increasing amount of multi-use trails and signature trail projects, such as the Trans Canada Trail and the Park to Park Trail, as well as a number of mountain biking facilities on both private lands, as well as in provincial parks, the Parry Sound District is an attractive destination for trail riding enthusiasts.


  • opens in a new windowRose Point Trailopens PDF file  – This 6km trail travels from the shores of Georgian Bay at James Bay Junction Road South through to Rose Point Road along the old JR Booth rail bed, ending close to Oastler Lake Provincial Park. Trail surface is compact soil and is suitable for mountain bikes. This trail is open to motorized vehicles.
  • opens in a new windowThe Rotary Algonquin Regiment Fitness Trail – Approximately 5km in length, this well-maintained path (compact soil and grass surface) winds along the shoreline of Georgian Bay and the town of Parry Sound and is suitable for both hybrid and mountain bikes. Open to motorized vehicles in the winter season.
  • opens in a new windowKillbear Provincial Park Recreational Trail – This easy to moderate trail runs parallel to the main park road from the park entrance to Lighthouse Point. 6km in length, the trail surface is compact soil and is mostly suitable for mountain bikes. Cyclists should be cautious of other users.
  • opens in a new windowHumphrey Nature Trails – Located in the village of Humphrey, these trails are made up of 5 loops that lead into each other, with a trail surface of compact soil. The trail system consists of over 8km of multi-use trails and offers users views of regional wetlands, waterfalls and the Canadian Shield. Motorized vehicles are not permitted on these trails.
  • opens in a new windowMuskiig Trail – This 15km single track trail is managed by Carling Township. Trail surface is compact soil and is suitable for mountain bikes. The trail is open to motorized vehicles.
  • opens in a new windowGuncotton Trail – This 5km trail offers a paved walking/cycling path along the east side of Nobel Raod (formerly Highway 69) through the village of Nobel.
  • opens in a new windowGeorgian Nordic Bike Trails – Located just north of Parry Sound on HWY 124, this trail system is the newest edition to great mountain biking opportunities in and around the town of Parry Sound. A total of 14 individual mountain bike trails are accessible with trail passes and memberships sold at either on of the two bike shops in town. Select trails will be open to Fat Biking in the winter time.
  • opens in a new windowWhitestone Lake Recreational Trail – Located in the municipallity of Whitestone, this trail is a 3km loop through mixed forests with moderate topographical changes. The trail lies on crown property and the forest is a shared resources with a variety of users. Caution is required during open hunting seasons. Located at north end of Whitestone Lake, the trailhead is in close proximity to Whitestone Lake Resort. This trail is open to both motorized and non-motorized vehicles.
  • opens in a new windowRestoule Provincial Park – Both the Gibs Trail and the Angel Point Trail offer trail riding within the provincial park. Angel Point Trail is rated as ‘easy’ and is designed as a figure-8 loop. Gibs Trail (5km one way to park boundary) is rated ‘moderate to difficult’ and is a linear trail that eventually leads off park land. The park has a number of bicycles for rent ($5/hour or $ Ask park staff about special rules that apply to bicycle riders.
  • opens in a new windowPines Interpretive Trail (Almaguin Highlands) – Nearly 5km in Powassan Mountain Conservation Area of easy to moderate riding with a spectacular view across Almaguin Highlands.
  • opens in a new windowLoxton Beaver Trail (Almaguin Highlands) – Part of the Forgotten Trail network and with trailheads off both Chemical Road and Forestry Access Rd in the community of South River, this trail network is over 8km and has been rated moderate-difficult for mountain bikers. The network has mixed terrain of sand, loose gravel, and rock.
  • opens in a new windowTrans Canada Trail – A portion of this cross-Canadian trail runs through the Parry Sound District. The Trans Canada Trail is a four-season, multi-use trail system with various surface types and users. Visit Trans Canada Trail “Explore The Trail” for information –
    • opens in a new windowSeguin Recreational Trail – The Seguin Recreational Trail offers important linkages for both the Park to Park Trail and the Trans Canada Trail. This multi-use trail boasts great off-road cycling. This 61km rail corridor is the original rail bed for the Ottawa, Arnprior and Parry Sound Railway build by JR Booth in the late 1800’s. Trail surface is rough and is suitable for mountain bikes.
    • opens in a new windowOld Nipissing Road Trail – Also known as “The Ontario Ghost Trail”, this 70km stretch of the Trans Canada Trail runs north/south through the centre of the district between Highways 69 and 11. Accessed from a number of cross-highway intersections, this trail has limited services. Proper planning is advised. Trail surface includes gravel trails and paved roads, and is most suited for mountain bikes.
  • opens in a new windowpark2parkPark to Park Trail – The Park to Park Trail spans 230km from the western shore of Georgian bay at Killbear Provincial Park to Algonquin Provincial Park’s West Gate. This multi-use trail system stretches across the Parry Sound District, Almaguin Highlands and Muskoka District. Trail conditions are challenging and considered suitable for mountain bikes. Cyclists should be cautious of other users.

Please note there are may be additional trails, routes, events and information resources for the region that may be of interest and useful to cyclists. Changes to the above links, listings and cycling routes may occur.

For more information on accommodation, attractions and activities within the Parry Sound District visit  opens in a new windowExplorer’s Edge or  opens in a new windowParry Sound Tourism

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