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Muskoka and Algonquin

Regional Map + Listings
Muskoka and Algonquin

Photo Credit: Explorers’ Edge

Cyclists visiting Muskoka and Algonquin Provincial Park will enjoy a destination with a remarkably diverse range of cycling experiences. From trails to mountain biking to the fantastic road riding across the region, cycling in Muskoka and Algonquin connect the spectacularly scenic landscapes of dense mixed forests rich with wildlife, picturesque lakes and meandering rivers and rocky Canadian Shield outcrops.

Road riding in in the region offers world-class training and cycle touring experiences with routes that criss-cross a rugged landscape dotted with hundreds of lakes and rivers. There are plenty of opportunities to stop at quaint general stores, interesting cultural heritage sites, and welcoming communities along the way. Recreational cyclists will discover the beautiful quiet roads and trails that connect communities and Algonquin Provincial Park, Ontario’s first provincial park.

The region also has a growing number of mountain biking trail networks on both private and public lands and in provincial parks ranging from easy to challenging; making the region increasingly popular for daytrip and overnight mountain bike adventures.


  • opens in a new windowKirby`s Beach – A 13km ‘out and back’ recreational route from Bracebridge with few rolling hills. A family friendly ride to the public beach, washroom facilities, and change rooms at Kirby’s Beach.
  • opens in a new windowBeaumont Stagecoach – A 15km recreational loop suitable for hybrid or mountain bikes with a dirt road section and one large hill. Starting and ending in Bracebridge.
  • opens in a new windowWilson Falls – This 16km ‘out and back’ recreational route is best suited for hybrid or mountain bikes. The midway point is Wilson’s Falls, one of the most scenic on the north branch of the Muskoka River.
  • opens in a new windowBrew & Beach Tour – This ‘out and back’ recreational route can be customized to a 9km ride, 25km ride, or a 40km return trip. Starting in Bracebridge, stop at Muskoka Brewery for a brewery tour (4.5km each way), or take a break at public beach near Taboo Muskoka Resort for a swim (12.5km each way).
  • opens in a new windowHigh Falls Loop – A 27km recreational loop from Bracebridge to Hills Falls, with plenty of nice spots to stop along the way.
  • opens in a new windowBracebridge Cycling Route #1 – At 27km, this route starts and ends in Bracebridge, with views of three spectacular waterfalls; Bracebridge Falls, Muskoka Falls and High Falls.
  • opens in a new windowCedar Lane to High Falls – A 34km ‘out and back’ recreational route starts from Bracebridge and is a perfect picnic ride with picnic tables and portable washrooms at High Falls.
  • opens in a new windowGrav Wharf – This 39km ‘out and back’ recreational route is ideal for riding between Bracebridge and Gravenhurst. Enjoy the public beach at Gull Lake Rotary Park with public washrooms on site. Ride to Muskoka Wharf before returning.
  • opens in a new windowBracebridge Cycling Route #2 – This 55km route starts and ends in Bracebridge, with a short optional detour to the Huckleberry Rock Lookout Trail with stunning views of Lake Muskoka.
  • opens in a new windowThree Mile Lake Loop – A 62km training loop around Three Mile Lake with portions along Lake Rosseau.
  • opens in a new windowMuskoka Lakes Cycling Route #1 – Starting and ending in the charming village of Windermere, this 63km route explores Muskoka countryside with rolling hills, farmland and barns. Finish the ride off with views of Lake Rosseau.
  • opens in a new windowLake Muskoka Loop – An 85km training route with stunning scenery and few hills. Caution on Hwy 118 as traffic volume can get high.

Gravenhurst & Georgian Bay Area

Huntsville & Area

  • opens in a new windowTrans Canada Trail – This cross-Canada trail runs through the region, travelling north-south. The TCT is a four-season, multi-use trail system with various surface types and users. A number of the trails located in Muskoka are incorporated within this larger, national trail system including: Washago to Coopers Falls Connector (13km), Gravenhurst Trans Canada Trail (49km), Bracebridge Trans Canada Trail (27km) , Huntsville Trans Canada Trail (55km), Seguin Recreational Trail (32km) and the Old Nipissing Colonization Road (86km), Commanda to Callandar Trail (37km).
  • opens in a new windowPark to Park Trail – The Park to Park Trail spans 230km from the western shore of Georgian Bay at Killbear Provincial Park to Algonquin Provincial Park’s West Gate. This multi-use trail system stretches across the Parry Sound, Almaguin Highlands and Muskoka regions. Trail conditions are challenging and considered suitable for mountain bikes. Cyclists should be experienced riders capable of riding difficult terrain with longer distances between services. Be cautious of other trail users.
  • opens in a new windowBike Cottage Country. Website – A comprehensive online and interactive trip planning tool for the entire region features over 70 routes segmented for touring, training and trekking. Routes include descriptions, maps and GPS coordinates.
  • Muskoka Cycling Routes Map (2017) – Available only in print this map was developed and produced by The Bike Shops, in partnership with regional bike shops, local businesses and tourism partners. To request print copies for your location, contact a local bike shop.
  • opens in a new windowMuskoka Tourism. Website – The tourism destination website for Muskoka, featuring 11 road cycling routes with descriptions and links to digital mapping as well as visitor information for Muskoka.
  • opens in a new windowBike Muskoka. Website – An online resource for cycling in Muskoka with information on local shop rides, cycling and triathlon. Features digital routes in Gravenhurst, Huntsville and Bracebridge.
  • opens in a new windowNorthern Airport Passenger Service Access the great cycling within Muskoka and beyond with a passenger shuttle service between the Muskoka area and Pearson Airport with the ability to accommodate bikes, and if required also have a trailer which can hold 12 bikes. Northern Airport Passenger Service offers various departure times each day from Pearson and Muskoka.

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