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Durham Region and Greenbelt Areas

Regional Map + Listings
Waterfront Trail Ajax

Waterfront Trail Ajax (Photo Credit: Town of Ajax)

Durham Region has a number excellent on-road regional and cross-regional trail systems and routes. Road cyclists are a common site along the scenic and quiet country roads, some with more challenging hills and others flatter following agricultural farmland in and out of pretty hamlets. Butter tart stops, country corner stores, bistro dinning and city eateries are some of the tastes available.

Additional cycling destinations with extensive off-road bicycle trails are attracting a variety of cyclists, including mountain bike enthusiasts.

The southern area of the region is easily accessible with frequent GO trains to Oshawa and bus services beyond. There are various information resources and published maps that cyclists can use to assist with route planning in the region and its Greenbelt areas.


The routes below are from the  opens in a new windowDurham Region Cycle Touring Mapopens PDF file  and are listed in order of distance. See the Published Maps section for more information.

For additional resources and information on mountain biking in Durham Region and surrounding areas, visit the  opens in a new windowDurham Mountain Biking Association website.

opens in a new windowGreenbelt Route – More than 475 kilometres of signed cycling adventures await in the beautiful, protected countryside of Ontario’s Greenbelt. From Niagara to Northumberland, enjoy lush forests, winding rivers, welcoming communities, and family farms as you pedal through some of southern Ontario’s diverse and stunning landscapes.

The Greenbelt route traverses the entire Durham Region from east to west between Goodwood and Orono.

Please note there are many additional map guides for the region that may be of interest and useful to cyclists. New maps and guides are available yearly, and information above may change.

For more information on accommodation, attractions and activities within Durham Region visit  opens in a new windowDurham Tourism, and  opens in a new windowCentral Counties.

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